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Since 1963

Our History

Mehra Goel & Co is an Accounting firm which was set up in the year 1963 with 2 partners, Mr R.K. Mehra and Mr M.K. Goel. The firm is headquartered in the commercial hub of Nehru Place in New Delhi. At present, the firm has 13 partners with a combined working experience of over 200 years; 50+ Chartered Accountants and 100+ Semi-Qualified staff and trainees. Over the years of practice, the firm has grown exponentially in both size and value.

The service portfolio of Mehra Goel includes Audit, Taxation, Advisory, Management Consulting, Financial restructuring and Secretarial Services. The industry experience of Mehra Goel includes the core sectors of Steel, Telecom, Banking, energy and Automobiles. In addition, the firm has been working extensively in the textile exports, Chemicals and more recently in the BPO industry. The client base consists of Multinational Corporations, Indian Private Companies, Public Sector Enterprises, Joint Ventures, Non-Profit Organizations, Charitable and Religious Trusts, Educational Institutions, High net worth individuals and expatriates

The firm is registered with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and adheres to the professional audit standards established by the same. The training modules, auditing procedures, review mechanisms are in consonance with the international practices.

Why People Choose Us

High Quality Expertise and Exceptional Service. We help you to grow business with More than 50 years experience.

Always in Safe Hands

We work hard in giving clients access to the most talented and appropriate member of the team. These are individuals who are not only highly visible to clients but who have personal knowledge of international business, access to formidable network of partners, and ultimately, the ability to be responsive, informed and enterprising across a broad range of services.

Our Community

For more than five decades, the firm has been helping to redefine the way in which businesses partner with us. We continually invest in the sharing of: ideas and experience; training and knowledge transfer.

Always Adding Value

Value for Money is most definitely the mantra of today’s business community but that should not mean quality is compromised and nor should it entail anything other than highest standards. We provide cost-effective services in a more personalised and holistic approach that cannot be compared. The clients have access to all the knowledge, expertise and proven track records while benefiting from a more cost-effective, hands-on approach.

Quality Expected, Quality Assured

Team Members are carefully selected based on a set of rigourous recruitment crieteria to ensure we only engage team members with the highest quality, ethics and integrity.

Know About Us

Building Better Businesses Globally Since 1963

Our Mission

To establish a relationship with clients in which is efficient and effective to support systems , policies and procedures; and deliver professional services in an enthusiastic manner and bring ideas that might benefit their business and deliver on the degree of professionalism and knowledge that they expect from us.

Our Vision

To help client business grow, develop and prosper in a risk-managed environment guided through high quality ethical practices, delivery and transparent reporting.

Our Value

The MG Team has always kept values at the centre of our approach including Integrity & Ethics; Excellence; Professionalism; Systematic Approach; Timeline Adhearance; Responsiveness to Changing Needs and Confidentiality.

Mehra Goel Family

The firm has been rich in its work culture and nurtured talent and each of the team members have contributed to growth and success of our clients. The Team composes of 200+ members including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Management Graduates and Experts from Discipline of Valuation, Forensic among others and also Semi qualified Staff and Trainees.

CA Vaibhav Jain

CA Vaibhav Jain


What we do may not be unique, but “the way we do it most certainly is”.

High quality client care is something every organisation, association and business aspires to and invariably talks about at length. The truth, however, is often only evident when a client is exposed to that service over the life of a business relationship

At Mehra Goel, we don’t pretend to be the largest in our field. What we do strive for is to continually invest in and consistently deliver a level of service that is guided by our unique client care promise. it is something that embraces the value added quality assurance that puts clents at the heart of everything we do.

Despite all the trials and tribulations along the way, Mehra Goel has continued its spirit of excellence in Service at each stage in the last five decades. Mehra Goel has adopted a true character of a full service firm with a global outlook. The firm has always believed that with hard work, perseverance; diligence and a desire to excel, no task is insurmountable. This is indeed the Mehra Goel spirit we imbibe in each of our team members.

On behalf of everyone at Mehra Goel, I thank you once again and wish you the very best.

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