GST Rate Notifications

Mar 7, 2023

DATED 28/02/2023

Notification No.

Effective date


01/2023 -Central Tax (Rate)
01/2023 - Integrated Tax (Rate)
01/2023 -Union Territory Tax (Rate)


GST exemption to educational institutions and Central/State educational boards for conduct of entrance examination to any authority, board or a body set up by the Central Government or State Government including National Testing Agency for admission to educational institutions.

02/2023 -Central Tax (Rate)
02/2023 - Integrated Tax (Rate)
02/2023 -Union Territory Tax (Rate)


RCM applicable on taxable services provided by Courts and Tribunals such as renting of premises to telecommunication companies for installation of towers, renting of chamber to lawyers etc.

03/2023 -Central Tax (Rate)
03/2023 - Integrated Tax (Rate)
03/2023 -Union Territory Tax (Rate)


CBIC lowers tax rates for “pencil sharpeners” from 18% to 12% and “pre-packaged and labelled rab” from 18% to 5%.

04/2023 -Central Tax (Rate)
04/2023 - Integrated Tax (Rate)
04/2023 -Union Territory Tax (Rate)


CBIC lowers tax rates for “rab (other than pre-packaged and labelled)” from 18% to NIL.

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